Sunday, 28 August 2016

Devised on the same holiday but just after devising a new truffle at my niece’s request, hence the name. I called the truffle Tarocco, which was appropriate, it being orange, cherry, and almond.

Everything starts as Manchester Piccadilly, so I won’t repeat that here. What follows replaces the Piccadilly Play.

Second Deal (The Truffle Snuffle): Dealer hands out 16 cards to each and a dummy in packets of 5-5-6, taking the last three cards and discarding three to their tricks – these may not include either Honours, or Kings, and must be shown. If Dealer takes no tricks, then they are lost to Opposite.

The dummy hand is exposed to one side (Dealer’s left, Opposite’s right).

Second Play: Dealer leads to the first trick, followed by Dummy who is first played by Opposite, then Opposite plays, following suit if they can and playing a trump if they cannot. If they must play a trump and one has already been played to the trick, then they must play a higher one if they can. If they cannot follow suit or play a trump then they may play any other card, though it will not win. The Fool is played as an excuse but if played to the last trick it is lost.

As per usual, whoever wins a trick leads to the next and the order of play continues to the left. However, players alternate in playing Dummy’s hand and any tricks won by dummy count for neither player.

Second Score: Players total their card points, this time adding 1 point for each trick won. They then add this to their First Score and whichever player has the most points has won the hand and as many game points as the difference between their scores.

Ending: Players should each have the same number of turns playing as Dealer. They can then total their game points for a winner.

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